Business Owners Shaking Hands on a Deal

Our quotations are based on either an on-site inspection of your air handling equipment and air duct systems, a take-off from your mechanical drawings, or both. The total price is derived from our cost of labor and material, insurance, taxes, overhead and a small mark-up. The price is kept to a minimum and the quality of work to a maximum in order to satisfy our customers and hopefully get repeat business and keep our help working.

Our qualified mechanics are trained to do excellent work in an expeditious and professional manner. The majority of our labor force have many years of experience. The work to be accomplished under this contract if awarded includes; but is not limited to, thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating all the specified duct work and air handling equipment, including the outside fresh air intakes, screens and baffles, exhaust systems shall include roof discharges.

All work shall be coordinated with your representative prior to starting. This may involve working evenings, nights, weekends or a combination of all of these in certain areas, or possibly for the entire job. There will be no additional charge for this service.

The method of cleaning shall be such that a minimum of dust shall be generated. The dust, dirt, lint and debris shall be disposed of in outside disposal units on a daily basis in accordance with the instructions of your

All work shall be thoroughly inspected by our field superintendant and your representative on a daily basis. All work shall be done in a thorough, professional manner to insure a perfect job.

We will have to invoice for partial payments on all large jobs that are scheduled for a period of one month or longer.

Partial payment requests will only cover labor that has been performed and material that has been expended. A breakdown will be furnished with each request.

We thank you for this opportunity and guarantee complete satisfaction.