Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Factory Floor Before Installation of New Equipment

We would like to make an inspection and/or a take-off from your mechanical drawings (HVAC) and submit a full
report and estimate for the cleaning and decontamination of your air handling system.

If we clean your total air handling system which would include outside air intakes, fans, plenums, coils, air ducts
(supply, return and exhaust), filter banks, turning vanes, drip pans, registers, grilles, etc. -- we can ensure you of the
following results:

  • Health - Elimination of Bacteria Breeding Areas in Duct Systems
  • Safety - Removal of Built-Up Dust, Dirt, and Foreign Matter Conducive to Spreading Fire and Smoke
  • Energy Conservation - Reduced Workload on Motors, Fans, Belts, Shafts, and other HVAC Equipment
  • Cost Containment - Lower Energy Requirements, Reduced Equipment Repairs, Fewer Maintenance Costs
  • Personnel Relationships - An Efficient Systems Provides Adequate Ventilation and Air Conditioning