Indoor Air Quality

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Is Sick Building Syndrome Fact or Fiction? We strongly believe that the correlation between poor Indoor Environmental Quality and adverse health effects can be proven with scientific research of Indoor Air Quality. We know for a fact that poor indoor air quality has contributed to discomfort and acute and chronic health problems. Symptoms range from irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, to headaches, dizziness, lethargy, and other problems. We also know for a fact that Litigation over Sick Building Syndrome cases are Escalating.

Although Comprehensive indoor environmental management considering Indoor Air Quality encompasses many areas, we realize that it must originate with the building design. This must definitely be followed up with the proper operation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). This includes a program of Cleaning the "Air Handling Systems" in Total on a periodic basis from the point of air intake, fans and housing, coils, air filter banks, drip pans, plenums, ductwork supply, return and exhaust, turning vanes, diffusers, registers, grilles, exhaust fans, etc, etc.; A total systems cleaning from point of intake thought transmission, to, and including all points of utilization and discharge.

Proper steps must be taken to minimize the negative effects of Routine Activities, such as painting, carpet installation and wall papering, as well as Dust, Most Bacterial, And Other Organisms which can effect the quality of Indoor Environments.

National Air Duct Maintenance Corporation shall set-up as its primary goal a method of prudent and realistic approach to Indoor Air Quality through the cleaning and decontaminating of Air Handling Systems. We realize this is only one aspect of this environmental program, but one that we have the Expertise and Experience in taking care of in a professional manner.

WE would welcome the opportunity to have one of our engineering consultants sit down with you and go over the procedures necessary to set up an Air Handling System(s) Procedure Program applicable to your building(s). We would like to take Pictures of the interior of your duct systems in various locations throughout the building to show you the accumulation of build-up or foreign materials hidden to view of most observers but still capable of presenting health problems to the people who spend much of their time indoors.

We have a major problem that will not disappear as long as we have the need for ventilation systems, but can be controlled if the following steps are instituted. 1. Proper Design of Building - 2. Sound Operation and Maintenance of HVAC Systems - 3. Proper Evaluation of Value of the Purchase of Furniture, Equipment, Materials, Etc. to be used in the building. - 4. An Ongoing Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Program.

National Air Duct Maintenance Corporation can help you with Step 2 and Step 4 by providing you with Air Handling Systems cleaning and an ongoing Air Quality Monitoring Program.