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We understand the many various requirements necessary to meet all standards and codes as written by the local, state and federal government agencies. We have many years of experience cleaning hospital air handling systems.

When We Clean Your Total Air Handling System

Cleaning includes outside air intake, fans, plenums, coils, air ducts, filter banks, turning vanes, registers, grilles, etc.
We cleaned from point of generation, through transmission, to point of utilization.

In a number of hospitals in which the air duct systems had not been cleaned in three years, samples of the dust,
dirt, lint, and other foreign matter were taken from various areas of the fresh air supply and exhaust air ducts and
sent to their laboratory for testing. The results of these tests showed the dirt contained:

  • Microorganisms
  • Bacillus Licheninformism
  • Bacillus Macerons
  • Citrobacter
  • Enterobacter Agglomerans
  • Enterobacter Cloacae
  • Micrococcus Species
  • Penicillium Mold
  • Strep Tococcusfaecalis

Hospital patients whose normal body defenses and resistances are impaired or weakened through illnesses are
exposed to serious infections by these microorganisms which are picked up and spread on the movement of air
through the fresh air supply and exhaust air ducts which are the only source of fresh air throughout the hospital.

Let us Help you meet the standards set down by your hospital and all hospital agencies.

Our Work is Guaranteed. Now is the time.

You can have one of our Qualified Engineers make and Inspection and give you a report, recommendations, Specifications and estimate free of charge. Just write or phone us at 312-829-4665 for an appointment at your convenience.

Now is the time to act. Clean Air is a Vital Requirement